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Wonder The Hole - Simpsons

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Your name and comment will be public, and may even show up in Internet search results. Be careful when providing personal information! John voiced by guest star John Waters mentions the name in the episode " Homer's Phobia ". Alternative term for 'anyway' or 'anyhow'.

Heard in " Secrets of a Successful Marriage ". The process of using Photoshop to add rosy "apple" to someone's cheeks and make them more attractive. Waylon Smithers apples Mr.

Burns face to make him appear more benevolent on the cover of a newspaper. Seen in " Fraudcast News ". A term for a medical procedure coined by Dr. Nick Riviera in " King-Size Homer. Homer Simpson tries to gain weight to get on top online sex game compensation. While prescribing a diet consisting of a steady gorging process for Homer, Dr. Nick suggests that it be combined with assal horizontology. Presumably, he means lying down - or more likely, sitting on your ass in an almost horizontal position.

Possible also that he means to gain so much weight causing Homer's ass to expand horizontally. Kent Brockman's conflation of the words avoidance and evasion in " Bart the Fink. When corrected through his earpiece, Brockman responds to them on-air: I say sabot-age " rhyming with the word badge. The term avoision originated in the literature of the anti-taxation movement in the U.

A bazooka that fires beanbags, as used by Lou in Lisa the Tree Hugger. In the episode " Home Away from Homer ", Lisa listens to a radio program on obscure music, and hears the host refer to a guest as a banjoologistusing "-ology" as the suffix for the study of a subject or sometimes the subject itself, although this is technically incorrect. An invented French word that means "being like Bart " i. A variant of baseball, but without a ball, offered at Springfield Elementary while the school's only ball was being repaired.

A mixture of "actualize" and "begin", used by a counsellor teaching Marge and Maggie the C. Used by Professor John Frink as part pokemon henti game his pseudo-scientific jargon, merely as a more complicated verb form of "begin". Bumped on the head. An amusement park that bemuses instead of amuses.

The phrase might also be intended as a play on letter grading from A-musement to B-musement. Whereas "B-musement" suggests the park is The Simpsons - Wonder Hole rate and explains his strong spoken emphasis of the letter "b", "bemusement" suggests the attendees simply fail to understand the religious park's message.

Wonder The Simpsons Hole -

This is a term used by Patty and Selma to denigrate Homer. It is a space paws hentai on "brother-in-law", and the fact that Homer is fat.

An element on a highly inaccurate Periodic Table at Springfield Elementary. Due to their inability to afford an accurate Table, they have to make do with a promotional one from Oscar Mayer, which advertises Gone fishing product in the information.

The atomic The Simpsons - Wonder Hole of Bolognium is known to be either "delicious" or "snacktacular". The real element in that space in the periodic table is Molybdenum and the atomic weight is The name is presumably derived from Polonium, element The Simpsons - Wonder Hole medical condition coined by Dr. Nick Riviera that is described as "a terrible condition where the skeleton tries to leap out of the mouth and escape the body" in " 22 Short Films About Springfield ".

The Simpsons/Season 23

The term came to be when a frantic Abe Simpson demanded to see a quack. Abe's symptoms included being "edgy", having "ants in date ariane porn game pants" and being "discombobulated".

Nick also warned Grandpa that if he didn't calm down to receive treatment, Grandpa would give himself skin failure. Nick's prescribed treatment for Bonus Eruptus was "Trans-dental Electromicide," which called for a golf-cart motor and a volt "Capacimator". High voltage is applied to the patient's teeth, presumably until he is either cured or dead.

This is a reference to the common cartoon trope of a skeleton escaping a character's mouth in fright, and possibly a reference to the Ray Bradbury short story "Skeleton". During the episode " A Star is Burns ", Mr. Burns asks his faithful assistant Waylon Smithers if the The Simpsons - Wonder Hole is booing his blatantly egotistical motion picture. Smithers, ever the yes-man, replies that they are saying " boo-urns " i.

When Burns asks for clarification, the The Simpsons - Wonder Hole replies that they are indeed saying "boo", and not "boo-urns". After the crowd replies, Hans Moleman says that, in fact, he was saying "boo-urns".

Presumably an extremely antiquated cry of The Simpsons - Wonder Hole as in "Uncle!

Wonder woman Superman Batman Black Canary Zatanna

When Smithers wants to regain Burns's trust, The Simpsons - Wonder Hole tells Homer to call Burns's mother and transfer the call to The Simpsons - Wonder Hole office. Smithers's plan is to rush in and rescue Burns starcraft nova hentai what will certainly be an awkward phone conversation. Burns' free por games antiquated alternative expressions referring to an existing term similar to "iced cream", the original name for ice cream.

In episode 12 of Season 16, Burns tells Selma, who is in the process of lowering the soft top on his roadster, "Stop that cheats for panthea want-wit!

I could get stung by a bumbled-bee! Chief Wiggum shows a group of touring kids a museum display of a hippie couple who are getting stoned and ready to take a bite of the "California Cheeseburger.

A word made up by Mr. Burns in " Last Exit to Springfield " for a song parodying Dr. They sing without juicers They sing without blenders They sing without flungers, capdabblers and mendlers! While "Car Hole" appears only twice in the series itself, it is often used by fans to jokingly refer to a garage, or garage-like structure. The phrase first appears in a conversation between Moe Szyslak and Homer Simpson, wherein Moe ridicules Homer for his use of the overly formal word, "garage".

The phrase appears once more, as The Simpsons - Wonder Hole Simpson expresses his shock, upon discovering a counterfeit jeans outfit has inexplicably taken up operation in his garage.

Simpsons Wonder Hole - The

As the Simpsons depart from Australia, an Australian equivalent of Squeaky-Voiced Teen asks what the strange creature infesting his home country is called. Upon receiving its proper name, he responds, "What? That's an odd name. I'd have called them chazwazers. Groundskeeper Willy teaching French class: The word "chestal," in this sense, first became popular in the The Simpsons - Wonder Hole when Woody Allen used it in one of his stand-up comedy routines.

It then appeared in the episode " Bart's Girlfriend ". A condition resulting from excitement over studying President Chester A. Arthritis" before coming down with "Jebeditis". One of the oHle neglected food groups, along with the Whipped group and the Congealed group, that Homer must concentrate on eating more of in " King-Size Homer ".

This word has made its way into international culture, as there are Pop Tarts The Simpsons - Wonder Hole in The Netherlands and Thr in Europe with the flavor of Chocotastic. Coincidentally, in the episode, Riviera recommends that Homer use Pop Tarts to replace bread in sandwiches. A combination of excessive clumsiness and ridiculously bad luck, in the manner of Peter Sellers' hapless Inspector Jacques Clouseau. The French video of sex game, who accused Freddy Quimby of attacking him, says in the court room, "This is an The Simpsons - Wonder Hole I am not a clumsy clouseauesque waiter!

Fictional villains Rainier Wolfcastle faces in one of his McBain movies. He picks up the radio and says, "McBain to base, under attack by Commie-Nazis. This phrase has long precedent in the form of "Commu-Nazi" as used by Walter Winchell.

However, many viewers believe that this is simply a combination of two over-used action movie villains. It may also be a reference to the Superman Siimpsons during The Simpsons - Wonder Hole War II pitting the superhero against the "Japanazis", a cross between America's two principal enemies in the war.

A reference to hentai online games Ocean Spray advertising device, a portmanteau Simpsonss cranberry and fantastic.

Said by the squeaky-voiced teen as he is swept away by a tide of cranberry juice in " Homer and Apu ". Invented by Bart as a dysphemism for "stomach" after Nelson takes exception to his saying "tummy. Craptacular was used by Bart to describe the supposedly defective Christmas lights that Homer purchased in " Miracle on Evergreen Dancing F - Tsunade Pai ".

Wonder - The Hole Simpsons

It Sexy Threesome one of the more frequently used made-up words The Simpsons - Wonder Hole The Simpsonsand, like a few others, was in use before The Simpsons popularized it. Currently a yearly contest on Howard Stern show, where contestants eat and eat then weigh their waste over 24 hours.

The procedure of putting a crayon into the brain via the nasal cavity, a port-manteau of crayon producing company Crayola and the part of the brainstem called the medulla oblongata. A portmanteau created by Homer when Lisa tells him that the Chinese have hosi game same word for "crisis" and "opportunity".

- The Hole Simpsons Wonder

A word meaning valid or acceptable, coined by David X. Cohen for the Simpsons episode " Lisa the Iconoclast ". When schoolteacher Edna Krabappel hears the Springfield town motto "A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man," she The Simpsons - Wonder Hole she'd never heard of the word embiggens before moving to Springfield.

Miss Hoover replies, "I don't know why; it's a perfectly cromulent word". Wondr in the same episode, while talking about Homer's audition for the role of town crier, Principal Skinner states "He's embiggened that role with his cromulent performance. Based on the context in oHle Miss Hoover uses the word cromulent, we can cartoon fucking games that she intends it to mean "legitimate", "applicable" grand fuck auto porn "appropriate.

Perhaps both characters intend it to mean "authentic", which would validate both uses of the word e. The word has a sort of recursive irony about it: Sim;sons "embiggen" and "cromulent" were quickly adopted and used by Simpsons fans.

Cromulent has taken on an ironic meaning, to say that something is not at all The Simpsons - Wonder Hole and in fact spurious.

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Indeed the DVD commentary for "Lisa the Iconoclast" makes a point of reinforcing that "embiggen" and "cromulent" are completely made up by the writers and have since taken on a 3d porn games of their own via the Internet and other media. In the Xbox game Jade Empirethe player meets The Simpsons - Wonder Hole British-colonialist-styled outsider who uses made-up mispronounced words.

Hols the player confronts the man Simpsone this, the man claims that one of the words he used was "cromulent". Some sources have misheard the word as HTe. A red dot that appears on one's crotch, and is thought to be fatal Chief Wiggum's uncle died of Strip online game Dot. Seymour Skinner was suspected of having this disease, although in reality, it was a laser pointer used as a prank by Bart.

Compare to "crotch rot", a slang term for jock itch.

Hole - Wonder The Simpsons

This name was used by the automotive appliance salesman when asking Homer what The Simpsons - Wonder Hole had plugged into his Dash Hole. From " Brake Fuck For Justice Wife, Please. A word that can be used in place of any noun.

Sometimes used as a placeholder for an object whose name does not immediately spring to mind. Burns attempts to drive a car for the first time while proclaiming he is sure the owners' manual will instruct him as to which lever is the velocitator and which one is the deceleratrix.

The Simpsons: Wonder Hole « Sexy Games - Adult Sex Games

The word is formed by changing the word "decelerator" The Simpsons - Wonder Hole the Latin masculine to feminine. From " Homer the Smithers ". The word the incredibles hentai game have a faux "old timer" feel because of its similarity to the words "dicker" and lickety as in "lickety split.

In the Latin American version the word used is "tijiri", which has no actual meaning or similarity to another word. The German version is "zwickig", which also has no meaning, but sounds similar to "zwanzig" "twenty". The term pokes fun at the common habit of replacing words during the anti-German sentiment of World War I, such as the replacing of Sauerkraut with "Liberty Cabbage" according to Grandpa, Liberty Cabbage was, in turn, known as "Super Slaw".

Also spelled diddilyThe Simpsons - Wonder Hole Flanders ' characteristic non-word. Generally speaking, The Simpsons - Wonder Hole diddly ", though not in itself a made-up word, is used by Ned Flanders in what linguists call a filled pause, a non-word which a speaker uses to take up time or space in a sentence, and which are sometimes used for emphasis. Flanders often uses "diddly" as an alliteration in his sentences, i.

They did their best Can't you morons do anything right?! Occasionally, Flanders will use "diddly" as a tmesis such as in the episode " Summer of 4 Ft. In the Latin American version, "diddly" is often translated as "-irijillo", an overly elaborate and ridiculous diminutive e.

Homer, in need of a triple bypass, sees an infomercial showcasing the surgical "talents" of Dr. In the ad, Dr. The B is for 'bargain'! A game of dodgeball played with a rock instead of a ball. At least one brief match was played by Nelson Muntz and Milhouse.

The Simpsons Wonder Hole Free HotbestPorn Games

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Hole - The Simpsons Wonder

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